With the explosion of mountain biking in South Africa, riders are spoilt for choice when it comes to stage races and events. But not everyone is a racer chasing the clock, the podium or a medal!
Increasingly people are looking for an experience both on and off the bike that stimulates mind, body and spirit.
Long-time sports broadcaster, and now mountain bike addict, Gerald de Kock is one such person.
In his pursuit of riding something different Gerald has joined up with Detour Trails, a vastly experienced mountain bike tour and guiding company to launch Journeys With Gerald (JwG). These are unique multi-day mountain bike journeys that will take riders on an exploration into off the beaten track areas of Southern Africa (for now, but further afield later). In many cases the trails will never have been ridden before.
JwG is for the rider who is done with races and is ready to explore new terrain and landscapes, getting more out of the adventure than just riding. No purpose built single track here, JwG is about riding wild trails, sculpted by animals, human feet and a million years of African weather!
On the bike, days vary in distance and difficulty, but not in stimulating riding and compelling trailside banter alongside a small group of like-minded people.
Off the bike the experience is top notch with accommodation in lodges and remote bush camps.
“Every ride on my mountain bike is a journey. I don’t have a racing bone in my body so the idea behind Journeys with Gerald (JwG) is to take our bikes and ride beyond the confines of a timed race. Rohan and his team from Detour
Trails are amazing explorers, I can’t wait to ride through landscapes with them that we would probably only see from an airplane.”
“The event and race scene in South Africa is fantastic, but I know of many people who are ready to do something different, and I and the Detour Trails crew will make Journeys With Gerald (JwG) very different”

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Camdeboo Experience

Karoo isn’t flat especially when the journey takes the detour route but rewards are

Matobo Hills Adventure

This Matobo Hills Adventure Journey with Gerald has set the standard for Journeys with Gerald.