Outside of our niche events, our “Design Your Dream Ride” approach gives the adventurer much more scope to tailor the experience. We find that a group of international travellers have a more diverse need than a group of locals or a Company wanting to entertain their clients, so we can add to or subtract from our TYPICAL OR STANDARD TOURS by customising them for specific needs, creating your Dream Ride.

If you don’t find find what you need here, or the area you want to ride in isn’t on this site, just ask, we’re only too happy to oblige, especially if it means exploring somewhere new.

In building a tour based on any of our typical tours or on request for other areas, we try to get to know our groups so we can help them build up a ride that suits them. There are many variables selected to create the ride, some of which are:

  • The number of riding days
  • Based on the type of riding preferred and skills we tailor routes accordingly
  • Based on perceived fitness we tailor typical daily times
  • There can sometimes be accommodation and food options

Outside of the tour itself, there are other arrangements that Detour Trails can offer such as:

  • Travel to and from the tour can be a challenge, so we often can help with these arrangements
  • Bicycle hire can be arranged
  • Occasionally we arrange riding or casual gear specific to the tour, eg. riding tops, caps, jackets
  • For international travellers we can suggest additional activities and places to see in SA and make the necessary arrangements

Typically the riders we encounter are:

  • Groups of friends or families looking for an adventure mountain biking experience
  • Companies using mountain biking for entertaining clients

Should you feel that your group is too small, do not despair as Detour Trails makes every effort to link smaller groups of like-minder riders to make the tours viable. All riders need to do is enquire stating their preferred tour and we’ll keep this on record.

COMPANIES have been using large stage races as platforms to entertain, but they are beginning to realise that it is more effective to have their own small group bespoke ride. They have the opportunity to tailor exactly what they wish and we at Detour Trails will oblige.