Wild Coast Tours

The Wild Coast (or southern Kei) is the area from Port St Johns to the Kei River. This largely uninhabited coastline has kilometre upon kilometre of unspoiled beaches, coastal forests and numerous estuaries and rivers. A lot of beach riding dictates that we only do this bike trail over four to six days at spring tides. Game trails and rough track characterise the Dwesa and Cwebe forest areas. Depending on the season and the tides, some river crossings will become memorable highlights of the trip. Other features of this mountain bike trail are too numerous to list, but the amazing Hole-in-the-Wall is so spectacular that it has to be mentioned as possibly the single highlight of this area.



South African mountain bikers constantly hear how great it is to race the tide on the pristine Wild Coast Tours, but seldom get the opportunity. As one of our previous riders aptly put it, for this trip we need the sun, moon and stars to be in line! What she meant was that climate, tides and complex logistics dictate when we should take on the Wild Coast.

Annually our Wild Coast tours are selected around the times when recreational riders (be they groups of friends or families) can enjoy this incredible journey. We structure the expeditions to make them achievable for this level of rider.

The emphasis of this trip is on much more than pure riding, adventurers will go away with lasting impressions of amazing scenery, magnificent beaches and insight into the culture of the hospitable people who live here.

Tour Options:

Wild Coast Amble – 5 days riding

Wild Coast Expedition – 8 days riding