Why go ride Namibia??? Questions are easy, but answers can be difficult! Namibia is such a special place that it’s impossible to do that question justice in a short summary. You just need to trust us that it will forever change your riding world and come join us.

Namibia is the driest country south of the Sahara. With the world’s oldest deserts having been formed some 130 million years ago. The result is that Namibia is a vast arid country with a wide variety of geographical, geological and topographical features. Providing an array of mountain biking opportunities.

A journey in this country is more than just mountain biking, but rather a journey of discovery of incredible geological features, amazing wild life and interesting people. Namibia should definitely be on your bucket list!

1st – 9th AUGUST – A 9 day RAD Ride MTB adventure, taking in some of the most iconic sites of Namibia. This ride is designed for all riders and focuses on all mountain gravity riding. Inspired by the RedbullTV Namibia adventure, we’ve gone & turned it into a tour… coz we can! *NB* Don’t be put off by the radical nature of the riding… remember you can go as hard or as soft as you wish, there’s never any pressure to push the limits unless you want to!

12th – 27th AUGUST – A 16 day MTB Safari touring Northern Namibia, exploring Kaokoland & Damaraland, with 2 days game viewing at Etosha National Park.

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All our tours costs are ALL inclusive from start to finish. Details are on each itinerary.

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