MTB Trail Riding Skills Courses

As passionate mountain bikers and tour operators we feel it’s our duty to help grow the skills and confidence of all mountain bikers, so everyone can enjoy the natural trail riding experience to its fullest! Over the years, through our own trials and errors and with the help of others, we’ve grown and developed our skills, always eager to take it to the next level…

Having formalised our courses into 3 levels and recruited some seriously skilled riders as instructors, we’re eager to take your riding to the next level too…


BEGINNER’S Trail Riding Course - covers all the basics from…

– bike anatomy
– bike set up
– basic bike maintenance
– body position
– braking and cornering… to start you off with confidence. After the theory we’ll head out on the trails and put your new skills to the test.

Details: Saturday 22 August | 12 September – 8h00 – 12h30 – includes tea/coffee and yummy snacks
Location: Giba Gorge MTB Park
Cost: R300 covers park entry
Who should do this: Anyone new to mountain biking, beachfront peddlers looking to try the trails, anyone who’s ridden before but lacking confidence

INTERMEDIATE Trail Riding Course – having mastered the basics, you’ll learn how to:

– master braking
– cornering
– switch backs
– tackling obstacles
– effectively using gears
– riding uphill & downhill
– flow and manoeuvering your bike with more confidence. This is a good course even for those that have been riding for years… and picked up bad habits! Again we’ll head out onto the trails to practice and hone your new skills.

Details: Saturday 22 August | 12 September – 8h00 to 12h30 – includes tea/coffee and yummy snacks
Location: Giba Gorge MTB Park
Cost: R500 covers park entry
Who should do this: Anyone who has been riding for a few years & looking to learn some practical skills, wanting to gain more confidence, drop bad habits or improve their technical riding abilities… If you use your back brake more than your front – you should be on this course!!!

ADVANCED Trail Riding Course – this is an intensive 2 day course with a bit of theory and a lot of practical! After a trial course, we realised the more time you have to spend with the instructors practicing what you’ve learnt, the more likely you are to go and do it on your own with confidence!

It covers more:

– aggressive braking and cornering
– wheelie & manual
– jumps & bunny hops
– drop offs
– riding steep descents
– mastering your bike and increasing your confidence and ability. This course is facilitated by a team of Advanced Level Instructors whose expertise is worth more than gold. Numbers are limited per group to ensure one on one time.
**There are prerequisites in order to qualify for this level of training – give us a shout… we may suggest you do the Intermediate first

Details: NEW DATES TBC – starts 8h30 – 16h00 on both Saturday & Sunday with a tea and lunch break as well as an optional overnight stay inclusive of meals.
Location: Karkloof Country Club
Cost: R1800 for both days (incl coffee/tea, snacks & lunches) OR R2500 for overnight & full board
Who should do this: Riders looking to enter more Enduro events, ride natural gnarly trail, basically tackle any technical trail with confidence and ease

The Advanced Level Instructors Team:

We have enlisted the expertise of several skilled riders from KZN who are at the top of their game and keen to share their knowledge and help grow/develop the skills of all mountain bikers.

On the crew we have… in no particular order… Nigel Hicks, David Drummond, Kathryn Fourie and Leigh Hand… all willing and keen to share their love of riding with you!

MTB Skills Courses