Lesotho Tours

Lesotho is a tiny landlocked nation in the high Drakensberg and Maluti Mountains (Altitude approx 1800 to 3400m). What it lacks in overall size, it makes up for in sheer ruggedness. Everything in Lesotho is steep and big! Nowhere else in Southern Africa do you find real mountains like we see on TV during the Tour de France, but with dirt roads and trails makes Lesotho ideal for mountain biking. The Matabeng is a 35km climb to the escarpment fortunately split by an overnight stop, but the view of the escarpment and down into SA is just reward. Trails are not all up and there are some ‘white knuckle’ descents to enjoy.

The rural existence of the Basotho and their reliance on ponies for transport has resulted in a network of pony trails. Combined with the few rough dirt tracks they call roads, these trails are the ideal foundation for a range of cycling tours from recreational mountain bike trails to challenging adventure trail riding. Our mountain bike tours range from a Taste of Lesotho for 3 days around the Sani Pass area to a 10 day Trans Lesotho for the adventurer with time on their hands. There are also numerous custom tours options as well. An added bonus of any Lesotho trip is the friendliness and generosity of the Basotho people, which will leave an indelible mark on the minds of anyone who ventures into their lives. Given their limited resources and simple lifestyle, they’re incredibly peaceful and hospitable.

Many of us average mountain bikers view Lesotho as a place for fringe lunatics. We believe we aren’t equipped with the skills or endurance to tackle trails in its rugged terrain where it appears that everything is BIG & STEEP and the air TOO THIN. However this perception is not entirely true if one is patient enough to explore this amazing country. Lesotho tours offer a lifetime of adventure opportunities with rewards of unparalleled scenic beauty. The ultimate trail riding mountain biking experience topped by the hospitality of the Basotho people.

Tour options: 

Lesotho Extreme Trail Festival – 26th – 29th November 2015

A Taste of Lesotho – 3 Day Tour – up Sani Pass

Lesotho Eastern Highlands – 4 day tour

Trans Lesotho – 8-10 Day Tour Across Lesotho – this is a custom tour, not a book-on tour

RAD Rides All Mountain tours – for the Gravity rider